The individual modules of the LibreOffice suite


  Writer is a powerful word processor:  Small and large documents, reports, brochures, business letters, complete books, and much more.  You can easily create professional documents with Writer.
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  Calc is an excellent spreadsheet: Calculate, analyze, and visually communicate your data quickly and effectively.  Take advantage of the advanced functions and the tools to perform sophisticated data analysis.
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  Impress is a powerful presentation program:   Your presentations will truly stand out with special effects, animation and other impressive drawing tools.
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  Draw is a versatile drawing tool:  Save your graphics as vector files. Create simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects for your drawing needs.
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  Base provides the integrated database access:  Create and modify tables, forms, queries and reports.  Use Base for either your own database or the embedded database types.
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  Math is an easy-to-use formula editor:  Create easy to difficult mathematical formulas with this great tool and then you can paste it into your documents.
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Note:  This screen slip was taken from a Ubuntu 10.10 [Linux] desktop but is very similar in all installs.


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