LibreOffice - The Free Office Suite Alternative

LibreOffice supports a large number of file formats, including the following:

Open Document Format [ODF]*, Microsoft® Office file formats, HTML, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format, Lotus formats, Office Open XML, along with many other word processor, database, spreadsheet, image/drawing, and other formats used for personal and business needs.

  * The ODF file formats are the International ISO standard for office suite file formats.  This is LibreOffice's
    default file formats, yet if you wish to make a different format as your default one, you may do so.

See the Module pages for more information about the modules of LibreOffice and
what LibreOffice can do for your office suite needs.  These modules are:

Writer - word processor, Calc - spreadsheet, Impress - presentation,
Draw - drawing, Base - database, Math - formula editor.

About this Disc

This distribution disc is for all available operating systems, with many extras included.

Developed by members of the LibreOffice community in North America.  Web page link

This disc includes English, French, and Spanish language install files.
         Over 110 languages supported at the LibreOffice download page

LibreOffice is Free Software. The LibreOffice project uses a dual LGPLv3 (or later) / MPL license for new contributions to allow the license to be upgraded.

Original art work and associated files on the disc are released under a Creative Commons license, with exception of official LibreOfficie logo graphics.

LibreOffice is a trademark of the Document Foundation.

The NA Community DVD is available as:
      * DVD-ISO
               The iso file is burned with the proper software on a suitable medium.
               (DVD+R, DVD-R 4,7 GB)
     * The DVD containing installation files and language packages for the following operating systems:
               Linux RPM, Linux DEB, Mac OS X Mac Intel & PPC and Windows Windows ® 32-bit including
               the above mentioned additions.

At some later time, we may be offering a CD disc set for those with older computers that do not have access to a DVD drive. 

Also, from time to time, we will update this DVD to reflect the current version of LibreOffice installs, and may add other extra software packages, as well as more extensions, templates, and sample files.  

       Soon you will be able to buy a pre-made DVD instead of downloading the DVD ISO file. 
       At that time, we will list the web sites where you will find these pre-made DVDs for sale.
       Please check our web site from time to time for that information, when it becomes available.

The duplication of this media is allowed and encouraged!

We welcome a wide circulation!
       (The various licenses for the content must still be observed.)

Developer Information is the link to the developer's information page.  You may freely download the open source code from LibreOffice's web site.  Please read the information on that page for more information.

Contact Information

The LibreOffice North American Community DVD is based on the LibreOffice-Box DVD assembled by members of the German LibreOffice community. It contains only software and materials that are under free licenses and releases are available.


The Document Foundation  and

LibreOffice US Marketing Team

The current state of this DVD project can be found on The Document Foundation's Wiki page of

This "demo" version of the DVD project will, for a time, be online while the process continues from the US English version, then to a Spanish and French language versions to be merged into one final version of the project. This page is the English language version, and is not ready for final release.

The LibreOffice North American Community DVD may be copied and distributed. Please observe copyright and the licenses of individual programs and documents.

Disclaimer: Despite careful control, the developers of this distribution assume no liability for the content of external links or the software.  All rights and liabilities are assumed by their original developers.


The contents of this free DVD are under various licenses, including:

CC-BY-SA 3.0 espagnol



LGPL 2.1






Meanings of some of the Icons on these pages

Windows ®
Writer document Web Site
Mac Calc document  Extension file - on the DVD/CD
Linux Impress document on the DVD/CD - generic

Draw document Application file - generic - on the DVD/CD

Base document  PDF document - on the DVD/CD

Math document
Archived document - on the DVD/CD

 File or Folder - generic - on the DVD/CD

 Email - link

Text icon - generic - on the DVD/CD


The LibreOffice name, logo and icons are trademarks of the Document Foundation.
LibreOffice source code is licensed under the GNU LGPLv3 and MPL, and is available for FREE.
Unless otherwise indicated, text and images are under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.