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NA-DVD ISO file downloads are now at

The latest ISO files are:
[5.0.0 coming]

Each LibreOffice line has its own folder listed on my download page.

That page will show the last ISO file uploaded, even if it is not the latest version of the DVD files.  Please check out the different folders for which line you wish to download.

Due to health reasons, I sometimes get behind with the release of the most current version[s] of LibreOffice.  Please check out LibreOffice's International site for their latest install files, at

The ordering of DVDs is Suspended till the person who does this is suffering from an illness that "will not go away".  He may be able to get someone else to make them for him, sometimes, depending upon their schedule.

Also, their is hardware issues involved that has delayed this portion of the DVD project. is the Official web site for LibreOffice, and where you can access over 100 language versions of this great, free, office suite.  You can add a new language to your copy of LibreOffice by downloading and installing language packs and help packs from the official web site.  Our DVD included several non-English ones, but the official LibreOffice web site includes all of the available one, and the number of supported languages keeps on growing.

The Document Foundation is proud to be the home of LibreOffice, the next evolution of the world's leading free office suite.

The above page links for our DVD[s] are here to give our North American Community an ongoing look at the work, from our development team, of our distribution DVD[s]. This gives our users a chance to make suggestions and comments during the creation and editing process.

Currently, our team is completing the editing and the testing phase for the various version of the English language DVDs.

This distribution DVD has the needed install files for Windows, Linux [.deb, .rpm, 32-bit, 64-bit], and Mac OSX platforms. The English version has the install files for English [US English], Espa˝ol [Spanish] and Franšais [French], along with Great Britain English, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hebrew. The Windows versions include other languages without additional language files. This takes about half of the DVD's content. This includes Writer [word processor] Calc [spreadsheet], Impress [presentation], Draw [pixel based drawing package], Math [equation editor], and Base [data base].

The other half is all the Bonus Content. This bonus content includes Extensions, Templates, and Image Galleries that can be added through the Extension Manager Tool built into LibreOffice. Then there are over 180 different spelling, thesaurus, and hyphenation dictionaries included for your use.  

There is a set of English Language Spelling/Thesaurus/Hyphenation dictionary [American English], that I have created for LibreOffice, with over 790,000 words in its spelling word list.  It is in the English section of that Dictionary page. Look for the ones with "kpp" in their file names. Or go to the LibreOffice Extension site [ ] and search for English dictionaries in the Dictionary section.

There are many Sample Template files and Image files in several archive files. There are many documentation files to help you with using LibreOffice from simple to complex document, spreadsheet, presentation, and other office related files.

The final bonus content is several other free and open source packages that may be of use to the users, such as web browser, email client, calendar client, vector graphic editor, archive manager, various text editors, and a nice photo gallery editor.

We are providing to our North American Community a DVD that is full of as many packages and files to provide most everything you may need to create documents for both personal and professional usage.

Please let us know any comments or suggestions you may have about our DVD.

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All moneys donated here goes to The Document Fondation, the not-for-profit organization that created LibreOffice and distributes it freely to its users.

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