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LibreOffice North American Project


[formerly North American DVD Project]

The LibreOffice North American Project is now developing a set of color Palettes for LibreOffice use.

These color palettes works fine, but are still being tested for possible color additions or color arrangement.  These color palettes can downloaded and used, once you place them into the palette folder.

  • For Ubuntu [16.04] Linux:

         Color palettes can be found in the following system folders:

         "Root" system folders “/opt/libreoffice5.3/share/palette”
              This is where they are for LO version 5.3.x - use "libreoffice5.4" for that version.

         "Home" hidden folders ".config/libreoffice/4/user/config"
              This is where I place the color palette files I create.
             I would use this folder for an average Ubuntu user.
  • For other Linux distros - I do not know where the .soc files are located.

  • For Windows systems:

         For Windows 10 "Program Files(x86)/LibreOffice 5/share/palette"

         For other Windows version, the SOC files should be in a similar folder/directory.

  • For Mac systems - I do not know and never use it before. . . .

One way to find where the color palette files are located, is to do a search for “standard.soc”. That is one of the included color palettes that come with the LibreOffice installation. For Linux users, there should be some hidden configuration folders, like “.config”, where there may be a LibreOffice folder. See if you can find a hidden folder location that is shown above in the Ubuntu system. I have not tracked down the folder[s] used by Windows 10, yet, but by searching for the “standard.soc” file should help.

The current list of color palettes I have created for my use.  As I create new ones, they will be placed here [not in any order]. 

PLEASE, let me know what you think and/or color palette you want to see.

Below is a list of some professional color charts that I have used over the years.

These charts may have different names for the same Hex code number, or the same name with a different number.  Most of the different palette list - above with an image - were created from the "resene" color chart PDF document.

As you can see, each color chart has a different number of "letter" size pages.  Also, there charts use a black background.  Many times the colors look different between different background colors or images.  Black seems to make a lot of colors seem to "pop" or "glow" and are best with the lighter/brighter colors.  Gray backgrounds seems to mute many colors.  White-ish backgrounds work best with the darker color text.

There are many places on the Web that help you choose what is your best text and background combinations.  For me, I just test out the background color/image with the text of the actual page I am working on.